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2005-03-30 22:01 - Greasemonkey User Scripts

This is a user script for Greasemonkey. I'm big on using the keyboard wherever possible. Something that's annoyed me about web browsers for some time is that all form elements will submit the form when you focus them and press enter (save for textareas, but that is of course so you can make a new line). And select boxes. So frequently I have gone to the PHP website to quickly search for something in the documentation; I enter my search term in the box, tab to the select box and use the arrow keys to make my selection and press enter ..... And nothing happens!

Well install this submit in select user script, and when the focus is in a select box and you press enter, the form will submit!


Won't work?
2005-04-05 10:44 - arantius

There will be some instances where this script will seem to fail to work. If a web page author creates an <input> with a name of "submit", then it's impossible to submit the form it's in with javascript. I can't do anything about that, unfortunately.

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