Protect Textarea

2005-05-26 16:07 - Greasemonkey User Scripts

This greasemonkey user script will protect users of web applications from their own forgetfulness. It watches textareas (multi line input boxes in web forms) for changes, and makes sure you don't throw them away. If you: navigate away from the web page, close the tab, or close the browser after making changes to a textarea on a web page, this script will throw up a prompt. You can hit cancel to get right back where you were and submit the form instead of throwing it away, or hit OK to continue and ignore the changes you made.

This is great for web forums, wikis, and so many other web applications.

Protect Textarea


2006-10-08 18:28 - Chris

This is one of the most helpful GM scripts I've encountered. Simple, but very useful. It shall be installed on the other computers I use as well. Thanks!

vBulletin integration?
2007-04-25 02:08 - sirNemanjapro

Great stuff! Its about time someone got the time around to do it.

Is there way, and how, to integrate this in vBulletin?

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