Greasemonkey Compiler

2005-04-26 23:08 - Greasemonkey User Scripts

I recently read a blog post about this self purported Greasemonkey Compiler. I looked at it and could only think one thing: Why?

The entire point of Greasemonkey is to NOT create individual extensions for these things. Greasemonkey is the perfect frontend mechanism for loading these scripts and executing them selectively on page load. Okay, you can package up one good GM script for use without GM but.. it just seems silly!

P.S. Posts have been very light recently, I know. I'm working on a fun new project. There will be news, really!


Guess you changed your mind?
2006-01-21 13:14 - axlotl
"I looked at it and could only think one thing: Why?"

Anyway, good work with it. Obviously you figured out that there are indeed instances where this would be useful. As a ferinstance, I'd like my sister to test a script but there's no way I'm going to have her install greasemonkey, then go install a script when I could just send her a single file.
2006-08-06 14:01 - hello5959us

Can you please update this compiler for firefox 2.0 (bon echo)? Thanks!

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